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A mobile app designed for photographers freelancing for GoDaddy Social to improve project scheduling and communication.
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Case Study Overview

Role UX/UI Design | Tools Whimsical, InVision & Sketch | Time 4 weeks


GoDaddy recently started offering custom photoshoots to its paid GoDaddy Social subscribers. They are offering this service to more than 1600 small businesses in the US each month utilizing a network of over 1000 freelance photographers. The current experience from scheduling shoots to payments is cumbersome and disjointed for both the freelance photographer and the internal GDDY team. The current process requires a 6-8 person team to book and manage this many projects and most of the heavy work is done manually.


GoDaddy would like to design a responsive site or mobile app to help streamline this process wherever possible so that the photoshoot experience is more enjoyable, efficient and or scalable for the involved parties.


A mobile app that allows the user (photographer) to book photoshoot offers as well as manage their existing shoots from prep to payment. This would help automate some of the process, organize details and cut down on extensive communication between the GoDaddy team and the photographers. Photographers using this product would already be part of the GoDaddy freelance network and given credentials to register on the app.

*During this project I was not an official employee of GoDaddy though I was briefed on the project by the team, given access to the team and asked to submit designs for consideration.  

Case Study Details

Explore this section to dive deep into my design process and see how this project came together or skip below to the takeaway to see what I learned.

Empathize & Define


1:1 Interviews

Primary research consisting of 1:1 interviews with GoDaddy employees who work directly with the photography process and freelance photographers who have shot for GoDaddy.

The following research topics were discussed

  • Recruiting and on-boarding photographers
  • Education for new photographers
  • Booking photographers
  • Schedule management
  • Communicating with photographers
  • Shoot day logistics
  • The file upload process
  • The payment process
Pain Points
  • Booking jobs is time consuming for the coordinator. Remember 6-8 coordinators booking 1600 shoots each month plus reschedules.  
  • The GoDaddy team relies on the photographer to not over book or double book their projects (some photographers are shooting 10-20 shoots a month for GoDaddy).
  • There is no central place for photographers to see a list of all jobs and their status.
  • Shoot details are emailed and include multiple links and Google folders for review. Since information isn’t snackable or all in one place,  photographers do not always review all the pieces causing them to be unprepared for the shoot. This can be obvious to the customer which looks badly for GoDaddy. “The photographer said they didn’t know what to shoot and had no shot list!”
  • Since most communication is via text, often multiple coordinators reaching out on multiple job from the same contact number, it is difficult for the photographer to organize and search communication.
  • There is no confirmation that a photographer has shown up for a shoot or how long they spent at a shoot.
  • When jobs are rescheduled, a new file delivery link is generated sometimes causing jobs to be uploaded to the wrong link.
  • Upload times can take hours.
  • Currently, photographers have to email an invoice for every job though the team is working on an automated payment system.
  • There is no central place to see what jobs have been paid.


Based on the research I determined the PHOTOGRAPHER is the user most in need of an improved experience specifically related to the booking, shoot and payment process. Improving these processes for the photographer would, in turn have a positive impact for the GoDaddy team ideally streamlining their workflow and photographer communication and creating a better experience for the GoDaddy customers being photographed.

While the GoDaddy teams process could benefit from developing a proprietary production product, they currently have products in place that are working (Jira, Twilio and Front). Also, disrupting their current system would disrupt other GoDaddy team workflows, creating a negative impact overall.

“I book so many jobs it’s hard to keep track of all of them”

User Journey Map

After developing the persona John Rust I was able to empathize with his experience throughout the photoshoot process. I created a user journey map with John in mind that highlights his experiences.

Information Architecture


To determine features, IA and user flows


Product Road Map, Site Map, User Flows

Product Road Map (must haves)
  • Log In
  • Dashboard
  • Shoot Booking
  • Shoot Status
  • Shoot upload details and link
  • Payment tracker
  • Notifications
  • Messaging
  • Help Center


Ideate & Validate

User Flows

Scenario : Shoot Offer

John gets a notification for a GoDaddy shoot offer while out running errands.

Scenario : Shoot Notification

John gets a notification from GoDaddy letting him know that he has a job shooting in 48 hours.

Interaction Design

Based on my site map and user flows I was now able to create a set of mid-fidelity wireframes to test. During this process I did meet a second time with the Product Manager to bounce ideas and share early version wireframes. Here is where the wireframes ended up.



To test the app UI and gather usability data


Using the wireframes above I was able to put together a prototype in InVision that I tested with the team in-person. I gave each person a set of tasks and recorded the findings as I watched them navigate the app on a mobile device.

  • Product Manager
  • Photo Manager / Photographer
  • Photo Coordinator

All tasks were performed under the guidance that each user was a photographer who has been on-boarded by the GoDaddy team.

  • Log in, find and book a shoot offer
  • Find and review info for your shooting happening today
  • Review your notifications and take action on the most urgent one
  • Find and review messaging

Overall, tasks were performed with very little hesitation and finding information for participants seemed quick and effortless. However, there were some changes that were commented on by the team to improve the process and overall look. Below are those changes to consider.

Next step, changes
  • Change UI of shoot booking so that you select a time then confirm it, rather than the confirm button being hidden - current pattern confused users
  • List how far the shoot is from photographer on offer card
  • Consider for V2 having the option to request an alternative time when booking.
  • Explore ways to make your most recent upcoming shoot more prominent in My Shoots via color coding
  • Make the Upload me the link button under Uploads disabled with a message until shoot commences so that only the most up to date link is provided
  • Make the add to calendar feature more prominent in the Shoot Prep section
  • Explore changes in message UI so that it’s more obvious the messages are organized by thread.
  • Make the unread messages more obvious so that user can more easily identify unread vs read messages


After reviewing the usability and team feedback, I created a set of high-fidelity wireframes using the new GoDaddy Branding that was just rolled out. Since the branding was so new and I didn't have access to the new style guide I took some liberties implementing the UI.


The outcome

This was a unique opportunity to work with the GoDaddy team and submit my designs for consideration. In the end the team was happy with the results though the project seemed to lose steam and has yet to be produced.

What I learned

Working with a real team was a new experience I really enjoyed. Being able to bounce ideas and collaborate made the process feel more holistic and meaningful.

It was a challenge to work on a project where the scope was so open ended. For this project the team wasn't quite sure what part of the process needed improvement and what users should be focussed on, was it the core GDDY team, freelance photographers, the client? Getting in-depth in my interviews really helped me get on the right path and choose the best solution. Yeah research!

Presenting dense amounts of information in a design is tricky. You know the user needs it but you have to figure out a way to make it snackable and not overwhelming. I enjoyed this challenge but definitely want to get more practice at it.

What I would do differently

I was a bit of an outsider on this project and while I had partial access to key players I would have loved to have more access, specifically to the design lead and engineers so I could collaborate with them.

I would test the product more thoroughly with photographers unaffiliated with GoDaddy, I believe this would yield more thorough feedback and validate if the app would be intuitive for new users, not just existing.

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